Saturday, 27 August 2011


The first time I saw Kimbra I was more distracted by the scribbles, floating around on the wall behind her, than her music. And when Settle Down came along on C4, with the burning dolls and the suspect wife as child perspective, I never made the giant leap from that video to Simply On My Lips until someone pointed it out.
I think the quality of Settle Down as a NZ On Air project is the thing that first made me curious. She was this different, the art and production values were so good, and she was kiwi and the video was NZ made?
Alas no, it was Aussie made, and she was based in Melbourne, Australia. Well, at least she chose a cool city. So when researching on how much of a KIWI HERO she was, I came across the “Live at Sing Sing Studios” recordings and in particular Good Intent and Two Way Street and become transfixed, mostly by Good Intent, look read these lyrics:

“You heard the crickets at the early evening
Lurk around the opening in twos and threes
Clementine told you not to move with the breeze
It’ll take you down to places where we dare not speak”

If that doesn’t work for you, you need to hear her sing them. And she made intuitive spasm dancing look so natural. Something like Tom York and Chris Martin on a good day. With out a doubt she has an amazing voice and her vocal gymnastics are fantastic. The aggressive sound of the band she works with in those videos is just a perfect match. And she was KIWI.
Sooooooo… what is going on with this new polished plastic contained angle that all her new singles have? Who’s in control? What’s going on? … Where is Sam Phillips at? Er… at least you can be certain of a supersonic live performance. Apparently she was the high light of Splendour in the Grass. She’s playing at one of the NZFW shows in Auckland in September, her only 2011 NZ show. If I could be in Auckland I would be getting along. Free show too. If you will be there, would that I could be there with you but my two counterparts at work ARE BOTH OVERSEAS THAT WEEK. These are the type that book their holidays the year before. Who does that? How can I compete that?
Also, for your information, her album’s due to be released this Monday. (I don’t know if I can recommend it though, might be all plastic!). AANNDD I spoke with one of the producers at work and (so far yes) we may be interviewing her on the show Thursday – Friday first week of September. Mohammad and all. :D

One other thing listen to how great her voice sounds after the whiny singing of Gotye ;P

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