Saturday, 20 August 2011


This pen (the Fine Black Clic by Bic) is the holy grail of the sly office pen swap. Perfect for doodling with its silky smooth action, fine point and over-abundance of sticky black ink. I went on a crusade this afternoon looking for a box; Whitcoulls, The Warehouse and New World, bad choices unfortunately (by the way The Warehouse advertised them on it’s website?), should have tried The Stationary Warehouse or something. Somehow this seems to prove the goodness of these pens though. The legend, to me, is only rivalled by the Montblanc, though it has this against it: The “sturdy pocket clips” break too easily, you know if you really use them, like clipped in you pocket. Or when flicking them absent-mindedly. And when you try to fix them with tape it kind of blocks up the clip. And you know how annoying a pen with a broken clip is. Scratches your hand. And looks unfortunate and unready. They should reinforce them, an extra spine perhaps? The ink flow which makes them so special, definite and paint brush like, also works against them a little. Making their lifespan, ink-wise, shorter than your average ball-point. Other than that though a very important part of mental stability. Swap one from a desk today. (Only attempt if your sleight of hand is level 60 or higher).

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