Sunday, 11 August 2013


It's possible that I've got either a hater or a frustrated stalker. Because last night, while I was elsewhere, someone purposely kicked the driver door of my parked car. Leaving a dent and a neat unworn sneaker print dead centre of the panel. The car was parked on the street, against a wall. The footpath was on the other side of the street. Someone actually had to cross the street to kick that door and then cross back over to the footpath. Think about it.
Is this the one also responsible for the multiple breaking-s of the left hand wing mirror? The odd thing is that the one who breaks the mirrors does so without apparent discrimination (thought the BMW always gets hit) (from time to time Saturday or Sunday mornings start with a hasty mirror repair. And if you look down the street you can see that the perpetrator has performed the procedure on the mirrors of other vehicles, leaving you with a grim sense of solidarity) whereas I checked the other vehicles on the street and none of them have neatly kicked driver doors. It's strange. One for Agatha or Sherlock. Hopefully not Agatha.

Student suburb.

Note: By Agatha I mean whoever is the heroine of Agatha Christie's murder mysteries.

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