Thursday, 24 January 2013


Maybe we could hang out. I have ALWAYS held you in the highest esteem possible. And I am certain you would be the most perfect and useful person to talk to. Over years we've run along some precarious and unpredictable paths. I like most of your choices. I can remember some perfect moments and secrets. All I can say is MORE MORE! Actually, to think of it, in about two years you're about to do something very crazy and a bit stupid. I can only shake my head and laugh. Amusing amusing. I like you. I won't ruin the surprise. Just do it... again? Hey, I've learnt this new trick. Keep your emotions about so much back from your eyes. It gives you a huge advantage in certain situations. Adversely, it will delay your response time, but then, this is generally actually more socially acceptable. And it gives you time to think of the best choice in response. Not to mention the other time to imagine all manner of devastating return, and sometimes even answer for you, in an attempt at evasion or from fear of either you or their ignorance or insanity. Does that sound insane?
Other side effects include less tears from your eyes. Tears are, in most cases, generally frowned upon socially or otherwise. Though they do feel so exact in the moment (in an innocent sense).
The extra "so much" works as a sorting bay of kind. Kind of takes you out of the moment though. I'm thinking of coupling it with this secret new sense of recklessness I feel, and seeing where and how far it will take me. I am needing to make/take some SERIOUS decisions/steps (it's a dance) SOON. Which friends? Which way? Why which way?
These days your innocence and certainty inspires me. This is not exactly relevant but do you remember, a while ago, when reading LOTR for the first time, leaping from the bed and running down the hallway to dinner with Anduril flashing with red flames? I'll never forget that.
Also when you buy that car, remember to check the oil before driving away.


  1. Sorry if this was too literal or... not self-analyzing. Gah!

  2. Are you over-analysing the amount of self-analysation in this letter? Gah!

    I wish Anduril flashed red flames for me! This was fun to read, if tantalising.


    1. It was a little ELLIPTICAL! This style of blogging does not come natural to me! I feel awkward! GAH! I prefer observational over confessional. Are you saying I should use s rather than z in analyzing? Actually you're right. As usual. SWORDS WITH FLAMES: We were... I was, just quite inspired and caught up in the fantasy.

    2. Elliptical is good. I think this was awesome.