Sunday, 16 October 2011


I had a dream. And it was so well lit. Like midday, but with no shadows. It wasn’t blinding. It was just that there were no shadows, like when it’s overcast, but the sky was blue. We were all at the beach relaxing when suddenly a large glass wave (as in friendly and transparent rather the than window pane glass variety) drew itself up and rushed at us. It was about as tall as one short person, standing on a box, that sat on a kitchen bench (sorry, that's just the best way to describe it). Someone on the beach had been playing with a toy steamer, about a metre long, and the wave had sucked it up, right to the top of the wave, and it just sat up there for a moment. “Quick”, said my brother, “Take a photo”, I reached for my camera but I was too late, the foot of the wave had washed over it. I knew I only had seconds. I pulled my camera out from the water. I was still confident/hopeful, I knew that the camera was weather proof. It was then that the wave hit me. It didn’t take me. Once through to the other side I found, unnaturally, that I was still in front of the wave but the steamer was now suspend within the glassy green depths of the wave. I didn’t have time to check the focus I just aimed roughly and manage a few shots before the wave hit me for a second time. This time I woke up.

When I woke up I secretly wished the pictures were on my real life camera somehow. I never got to preview them in my dream. I was sure there would have been some amazing images if the auto focus had worked. Which made me think: Wouldn’t it be cool if we could develop that technology? (No. Not auto-focus -_-) To take images of what people were dreaming about as they dreamed.
I’m sure it’s an old sci-fi staple that I never properly noticed but still.

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